Questions we are most frequently asked.

What is First Foundations, Inc.?
First Foundations, Inc. (FFI) is a nonprofit organization that researches and reports on societal foundations. We are not a foundation in the sense of a funding source.

What do you mean by "societal foundations"?
Our research concentrates on three primary institutions of any society: government, religion and the family.  Our immediate focus is on the United States of America where we have identified the U.S. Constitution, the Bible and nuclear families as basic societal foundations.

What are your activities?
FFI is a project-oriented organization.  The projects range from publishing books and pamphlets to holding informational meetings.  Recent FFI projects and publications are listed on our web site.

Does FFI advocate a specific political party or religion?
From our beginning FFI has been nonpartisan and nonsectarian.  Our constituency includes Democrats, Republicans, other parties and independents.  Our supporters include people of faith from a variety of religious denominations.  FFI does not engage in partisan politics or doctrinal debate.

Who are your members?
First Foundations, Inc. is a non-membership corporation.  There are no "members" except for an eleven-person board of directors and a twenty person advisory council, all of whom serve on a volunteer basis.  Our projects often have ad hoc steering committees.

The who are the leaders of FFI?
The Founder/President is Richard K. "Dick" Jensen of Greenville, South Carolina. Other officers are Dr. Ross Penix, Vice President; Dreugh Batson, Treasurer and James Spurck, Secretary.

What about FFI's history?
First Foundations, Inc. was chartered in Tennessee in 1986 by Dick Jensen who was motivated by his reading of Psalm 11:3 and the U.S. Constitution.  FFI was based in Memphis until 1997, when the office was moved to Traveler's Rest, South Carolina.  The IRS has designated First Foundations, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) charity with registration by the South Carolina Secretary of State.

How is FFI financed?
We have a modest operating budget and no paid employees.  Even the FFI president is a volunteer.  The operating budget and pay-as-you-go projects are funded by cash or in-kind contributions from private sources, including: individuals, businesses and churches.  No government grants or loans are sought or accepted.