What We Do

Pearl Survivors - A book of Eyewitness Stories from Pearl Harbor veterans.
Normandy Survivors - A book of Eyewitness Accounts of D-Day.  
Pocket Edition of the U.S. Constitution - More than 65,000 published and distributed.
Pocket Edition of the Declaration of Independence - with patriotic essay.
The Billy Pulpits - 2008 edition of a book by Dick Jensen chronicles the careers of Billy Sunday and Billy Graham; includes many rare and exclusive photos of both evangelists.

Motivational Meetings
The following speakers have been keynoters at FFI meetings:
  • Lane Adams
  • Gresham Barrett
  • Joel Belz
  • Lowell Davey
  • Harry Dent
  • Jimmy Epting
  • Hickman Ewing
  • J.D. Hayworth
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Bishop Knox
  • Stephen Livesay
  • Billy Melvin
  • Stephen Olford
  • Harris Remley
  • Judge Roy Moore
  • Paul Van Gorder
  • David Wilkins
  • Donald Wilton
US Representative Jeff Duncan
US Representative Jeff Duncan

Over the years FFI has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to more than 20 high school and college students, including $2,000 to a scholarship fund of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

Religion in Education - Recorded radio interview with Governor Richard Riley, former U.S. Education Secretary, on the role of religion in America's public schools (30 minute audio cassette).
Pentagon Survivor - An Exclusive Interview with 9/11 survivor Col. Brian Birdwell on VHS
The U.S. Constitution - An Audio CD of the U.S. Constitution read by broadcasters.
Blessings of Liberty - Congressman J.D. Hayworth's Speech at FFI Luncheon on VHS
Judge Roy Moore -Audio cassette of 10 Commandments Speech

Contests, Concerts and Exhibits
"E Pluribus Unum Rights" - Ten different ethnic groups of U.S. citizens presented in a public reading of the Bill of Rights on a patriotic holiday.
Constitution Readout - Student and civic leaders perform a public reading of the entire text of the U.S. Constitution.
Bible Festivals - A weekend display of rare Bibles with lectures and video presentations on the history of the Bible.
Alexei Sultanov - Gold medalist in the Van Cliburn Piano Competition presented by FFI in concert as part of a tribute to Russians during the 1993 "Memphis in May" Festival.
Vladimir Sazanov - Russian opera basso presented by FFI in concerts and lectures at American schools, clubs and churches in 1993 and 2001.

FFI president Dick Jensen is available to speak in schools, service clubs and churches.  He is paid no salary by FFI.